Emplios SAE 10W40 API CK4/SN – Molytech

Emplios SAE 10W40 API CK4/SN – Molytech

Cold Crank Visc @ -20ºC: 4990°C

Pour Point: -38°C

Flash Point: 230°C

Viscosity Index: 181

Đơn vị: Can 7L

A synthetic fuel-saving “low SAPS” truck engine oil formulated using the latest additive Nano Technology with very particular base oils. It is extremely well suited in EURO 2, EURO 3, EURO 4, EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines in combination with diesel fuel with up to 500ppm sulphur content. It’s Nanodrive Low Friction Technology is value-added as low-friction and long-life engine oil for all kind of diesel engines with and without turbocharging in trucks and buses. It protects against corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge under all operating conditions and suitable for the longest oil change intervals.

Technical Data Properties:

Viscosity Grade SAE J300 10W40
Density @ 15oC ASTM D4052 kg/m3 0.87
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC ASTM D7042 mm²/s 82.4
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D7042 mm²/s 14.31
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 181
Flash Point IP 523 °C 230
Total Base Number ASTM D2896 (mg KOH/gm) 10.5
Pour Point ASTM D97 °C -38
Cold Crank Visc @ -20ºC ASTM D5293 (cP) 4990


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